"the only pills ever designed to make you more smartr."

smartr pills proprietary blend is backed by passion, leadership, commitment, and ambition, as well as many years of research and development. our certified, all natural ingredients will make smartr pills the perfect addition to those looking to expand their consciousness.

price per bottle

$65 retail (65 p/gv)
$45 promotr (45 p/gv)

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Entrepreneur kit

$99 (100 p/gv)($100 monthly autoship) $170 retail value

Enterprise kit

$299 (300 p/gv)($100 monthly autoship) $515 retail value

Empire kit

$699 (700 p/gv)($100 monthly autoship) $1,200 retail value

4X empire kit

$2,499 buy one of these kits and own dividends in smartr pills for life!

qualified promotrs are required to maintain a $100 monthly autoship to be eligible for commissions, bonuses, promotions, or product discounts.

the only pills ever designed to make you more smartr.

we did not plan on building a network-marketing company... actually, the leadership behind smartr pills just wanted to build a revolutionary product to help “awakening” minds gain clarity on their path to enlightenment. but a funny thing happened over the 3 year evolution of this venture... our founder, jason criddle, began showing the world how to build automated, wealth generating machines while on his own path to enlightenment – by using the same “asset management” techniques he learned in network marketing no doubt. this was after starting a wellness movement that changed thousands of lives across the u.s., and devising his own formulas which helped him lose 200 pounds himself, and another 500 people who lost a total of over 9,000 pounds.

”i still love training and helping people with their nutrition, but the key to real change starts in the mind. a paradigm shift happens when someone becomes financially independent, and a person without the constant stress and worry of ‘paying the bills’ will be that much closer to living in the moment and being free. not everyone cares about being rich, but we all want freedom. we all want enough money to live the life we dreamed of as children. there is not a single parent alive who should “have” to work at anything. college kids should not be getting degrees to fight for positions that don’t matter. i have always said, you should not fear a career change. you should fear being successful at a career that doesn’t matter. we should love what we do. work should be a passion, and our lives should be enjoyed.”

with his extensive knowledge of network-marketing systems, it only made sense to turn smartr pills into “the company” that redefines mlm. join us… get more smartr, and help us change the world.

smartr – showing the desire or willingness to use one’s own intellect for spiritual and social evolution; by means of financial stability, emotional resiliency, mental clarity, and lacking the ability to quit once a decision is made.



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